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Have you been lacking inspiration? Are you craving purpose? Seeking clarity?


It's not too late to join us! Starting next week, we kick off an incredible 21-day self-exploration journey like no other.


I have to say - of all the programs I've ever created - this might be my absolute FAVOURITE (and the most powerful!)


I am so excited to kick off this brand new program experience - come along as we adventure within and achieve clarity around what we REALLY, truly want for ourselves in this life.


  • Strengthen your intuition and self-trust, reconnect to your inner knowing and allow yourself to be lead by your soul-compass


  • A unique opportunity to get to know yourself in a deep and meaningful way and ignite your infatuation with yourself again... or maybe for the first time!


  • Understand exactly how and why you may feel like you've gotten "off course" in life or disconnected from soul purpose or higher self (SPOILER ALERT: it's not your fault!)


  • Get crystal clear on what you require in order to create true happiness, fulfillment and inner-peace in your life


  • Find clarity, get inspired and create a tangible roadmap for your life that feels exciting and taps into your full potential


  • Get into unstoppable positive momentum toward your true purpose and your unique, soul-aligned goals




A life-changing three week group coaching experience guaranteed to shift your perspective and help you find alignment and clarity!


The program is split up into three parts:


Week 1: How did we get stuck / disconnected?

Exploring societal norms and expectations, people pleasing, parent pleasing, "Upper Limit Problems", limiting beliefs, dream-crushing fears, hustle culture, why we "settle" and so much more.


Week 2: Define your unique concepts

In order to create an amazing life, we need to know ourselves deeply. We need to unravel the ideas that we otherwise chase blindly. What is your concept of success? What excites you? What does it mean to be fulfilled?


Week 3: Tapping into purpose

Exploring key concepts of "flow state", "zone of genius" and your dharma. Learning how to find and live in these energies, tapping into your passions, creating space in your life for what matters most, and constructing a game-plan to live in your highest purpose.


Trust me, you'll be SO thankful you came along on this one.


This group coaching experience includes:


- 21 days of course material to your email with daily action items, homework, articles, videos, affirmations, journal prompts and more (6 days a week with Sundays off for catch-up, rest and integration - daily time commitment is no more than 15-20 minutes)


- 3 group discussion coaching calls live on Zoom (Tuesday May 30, Tuesday June 6th, Tuesday June 13th 7:00PM PST)


- 24/7 community group chat for support and accountability on Whatsapp


- 15 minute 1:1 goal setting session with myself


- Complimentary access to a group Himalayan Kriya yoga energy healing session with myself live on Zoom


All of this for only $195 CAD plus tax!


"I'm busy and not sure I can create space for this. How much time does it require?"

Allow for 15-30 minutes a day to work through the program material.

"Are the calls recorded?"

Yes - you will receive recordings of the call to your email each week in case you miss it - but it's definitely most powerful to be on live!

"I"m shy. Do I have to share or participate on the calls?"

No, there is no expectation or requirement to share or speak. You can have your camera and mic off and just listen, if you prefer. However, my clients who find that being vulnerable and speaking in a group is outside of their comfort zone often find it's a wonderful, safe space to get comfortable doing so.

"I can't decide between 1:1 and group coaching."

Both are great options that offer the opportunity for massive grown and healing. You have the option to add a 1:1 session to your program experience for a discounted rate, if you need a little more support or want to go deeper.


This is a unique, pop-up offer. This will not be offered again!

There's only a couple spots left, so don't wait to get signed up.


Our start date is just around the corner - this TUESDAY, May 23rd!

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