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APRIL 3 - JUNE 11 2023

This is a deeply transformational journey designed to empower participants with the tools to effectively manage and heal their own energy and mindset in order to live as their highest, most authentic self - forever.



We will be using both mindset and self-love coaching and Himalayan Kriya yoga to create massive changes - cognitively, mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, and on a cellular level.

We will explore each energy center individually, in order to create harmony in the body, mind, and energy channels to restore the flow of your unique life force to free you from unnecessary emotional suffering, negative thought patterns, unhelpful fears, and limiting beliefs.

During our 10 weeks together:

- Every Monday you will receive your new material by email. This includes:


1) A written lesson outlining the specific chakra we are working with, what it represents, how we can identify whether the energy center is blocked, deficient, or overactive and how to begin to heal each energy center 


2) A short video from myself explaining the main concepts and ideas for the week

3) Journal prompts to guide you through an exploration of the chakra, to help you reflect deeply and begin the healing process


4) A guided meditation created by me to help initiate and integrate your chakra healing

5) Introduction to a specific Kriya to use during the week to intentionally connect to and purify the energy center of focus

- Each Tuesday evening we have a group discussion call where we debrief, share, and answer questions from the previous week and introduce the next week's chakra and ideas. The discussion call is 60 minutes long.

- Following the discussion portion of the call, we will move through a 30 minute Himalayan Kriya practice together as a group live on Zoom. Each practice will be intentionally created to focus on energetic cleansing and healing of the specific energy center of the week.

Secure your spot now as space is limited.
This is group is capped to ensure an intimate, cohesive experience. 


Week 1: Intro to chakras and energy healing

Week 2: Root chakra: fear and survival

Week 3: Sacral chakra: sexual expression and creativity

Week 4: Solar plexus chakra: personal power and self-identity

Week 5: Heart chakra: healing heartbreak and giving and receiving love fully

Week 6: Throat chakra: effective communication and speaking your truth

Week 7: Third eye chakra: intuition and self-trust

Week 8: Crown chakra: enlightenment and oneness

Week 9: Integration

Week 10: Closing and wrap-up

What is Himalayan Kriya Yoga?

Himalayan Kriya is an energetic cleansing and healing experience.

It is not a workout, it is a spiritual practice.

It's an ancient healing modality that was only introduced to the public very recently, during the pandemic, to assist with collective healing. 


It’s ENERGY yoga.

It likely looks nothing like the yoga you might be most familiar with.


Himalayan Kriya uses breathwork, tapping, mantras, mudras and dynamic movement to remove energetic and emotional blockages in order to raise our vibration, increase flow of life force and connect you back with your truest, most authentic self.


It helps us shed fear, limiting beliefs and distorted ways of thinking and being by getting into the nervous system and subconscious and clearing us of the mental and karmic patterns and stored emotions that have been holding us hostage. It is efficient, effective, and very powerful.


Through this purification practice we dissolve energy blockages that contribute to physical and mental health issues and can unlock new levels of wellness, joy and inner-peace.

Transform Your Life.1.png

"Yoga today was freaking amazing @Riley. Thank you so much. I loved that you worked with different chakras today then last week!! Sundays are my new favorite day. I seriously think that has been the most amazing tool I've had the opportunity to experience and it has me moving forward with such a positive, clear mind and just feeling great."

"I felt a huge difference in the very first week of working with Riley and look forward to going on one of her retreats sometime soon! Not only is she knowledgeable and full of insight but she's also cool as shit so if you're still debating on whether to take the plunge, just do it already!"



*plus GST CAD for 10 week program experience




*2 Payments




*5 payments

Feeling like this might be exactly what you need?


How much of a time commitment does this require?
(I'm busy!!!)

With these programs, you get out what you put in. They are designed to doable for any busy lifestyle. You'll want to carve out 90 minutes a week for our group calls, as well as 1-2 hours (or 15-20 minutes per day) to work through the weekly material and homework. You can create this time. Even the busiest people make time for what's most important.

Are the calls recorded? 
Discussion calls are recorded and the recording is sent out by email the day following - however I strongly encourage you to make a commitment to yourself to be available, present and engage with the group as you'll get the most out of the calls live.

What kind of results can I expect?
My coaching clients experience rapid and life-changing shifts in the way they think and relate to themselves. Overcoming negative thinking, patterns of self-sabotage, feeling happier and more aligned, greater levels of wellness, more confidence, more effective regulation and vast improvements in self-awareness are common outcomes of my coaching programs. Himalayan Kriya yoga allows for emotional release and relief, creates feelings of inner-peace and lightness, maximizes love and gratitude, and connects participants with their true essence, their highest self and their life force energy. This program will be the first time we are using BOTH modalities to achieve massive growth in healing inside our 10 week container.

Who will be in the group?
My group programs are open to all and typically encompass individuals of all ages and genders from across the world! You will find massive value in these containers whether you are brand new to spirituality and personal development or are a seasoned vet.

Do I have to participate, speak, or be seen on calls?
Absolutely not - if you aren't comfortable being on camera you are welcome to simply watch and listen with your camera and mic off. However, my clients in the past have experienced massive growth and built deep connections by getting out of their comfort zone, practicing speaking in the group and being vulnerable. 

I have a different question...
I would love to answer all questions! Please reach out by email


Want to get my “5 keys for unlocking your most authentic life" PDF with guided meditations and journal prompts straight to your email?

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