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Congratulations - you're here! That means you are leaning into the most important quality that we have as humans: CURIOSITY.

The same curiosity that led you here will be the one and only thing that will lead you to true growth, healing and empowerment.

My community is one that prioritizes the cultivation of curiosity. Not just any curiosity - a special type of loving, patient, compassionate, non-judgmental, infatuated curiosity toward self.

From this place, and only from this place, can we truly expand. When we feel safe and supported, we organically find our way.

We flow. We feel. We know.

My intention is to create a tsunami of radical self-love and self-acceptance that will raise the collective vibration and change the way we relate to ourselves and to the world as women. I work to plant seeds for knowing our worth and prioritizing a beautiful relationship with self in both this generation and in all future generations. To rid us of the conditioning we have receiving and allow us to live lives led by purpose, passion and desire. 

Riley Murtha


Hello! My name is Riley Murtha and I am SO passionate about reconnecting women to their most authentic selves and building a beautiful, loving foundational relationship within. I am a self-love and mindset coach and energy healer. I employ a multi-faceted approach to shifting the subconscious mind into a space of empowerment, restoring the flow of life force energy and planting seeds of deep awareness, remembering, soul-aligned truth and inspired action. 


By nature, I am a truth speaker. An answer seeker. A problem solver. A shit disturber. A disrupter. A cycle-breaker. A critical thinker. A skeptic by nature. I have a fierce and untameable curiosity. I refuse to settle. I reject band-aids and seek deep understanding. Always have. Always will.

ECC Community Favorites


My 1:1 and group coaching programs provide the structure, accountability and support you need to finally create the shifts you're craving in your life. 


Himalayan Kriya Yoga is special, unique and powerful tool. It's energy yoga that helps us reconnect to our true self, raises your vibration, restores flow of vital life force and purifies us energetically.


It is my intention to create an empowered community of like-minded individuals who value growth, connection and authenticity. 

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my podcast is a spot with tons of free content all things mindset, self-love, wellness, spirituality, business, dating, relationships, finances, empowerment and so much more!


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