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1:1 Mindset Transformation
Ready for a major breakthrough? 

This program is designed to help you overcome self-sabotage, rewire the mind away from negative self-talk to be empowered and self-supporting and to get you unstuck - to help you unlock the next, most fulfilled and soul-aligned version of yourself.

(12 or 24 week commitment)

In committing to your choice of either a 3 or 6 month container, we will work together closely to identify and overcome any mindset traps you may
have that keep you stuck, playing small and feeling bored, frustrated and maybe even hopeless (been there).

The mindset transformation allows us to locate disempowering thought patterns, beliefs or emotions, get clear on how they impact o
ur actions, behaviors and current reality, replace them with more helpful, aligned and productive ways of thinking - and then watch your life transform and blossom as a result.By doing so, achieving your highest wellness is no longer an uphill battle. When we truly get to know the "WHY", the "WHAT" becomes more effortless.

When we stop letting fear, doubt, anxiety and other low-vibrational emotions and their associated behaviour patterns run the show, it becomes easier to feel our best long-term. When we invest our time, energy and resources into finally getting to know ourselves, it becomes possible to more easily find balance in our day to day lives - in nutrition and exercise, personally, professionally, in family relationships, romantic relationships and everywhere else. 

The Self-Worth and Self-Trust Crash Course
Designed for those recovering from a recent break-up
or simply ready to heal toxic relationship patterns for good.

( 6 weeks )

Do you struggle with self-esteem, confidence or decision making? Do you have a pattern of ending up in misaligned or unhealthy relationships or friendships? Do you want to learn how to become magnetic to high-quality relationships, become grounded in rock-solid, unshakable self-worth, recognize red flags from a mile away, learn how to set healthy boundaries, get clear on your values and priorities and love yourself unconditionally? You can attract your dream partner, bestie or opportunity - but first you need to know who you really are, and get aligned with the belief that you are worthy of everything amazing the world has to offer.

Build your Dream Life Digital Entrepreneur Coaching Program
Ready to tap into your purpose and the infinite abundance available to you?  For those ready to create an online income doing something they're truly passionate about -  but aren't sure where to start

( 16 weeks )

Month 1: Mindset around business - dismantling specific fears and limiting beliefs around entrepreneurship and taking risks, showing up and playing big, money mindset obstacles etc


Month 2: Structuring your dream online business - getting clear on exactly who you want to help, identifying your niche, creating an exciting program / offer, laying out your exact vision. 


Month 3: How to be an effective coach - Learning how to hold space for people, leading them to breakthroughs, how to ask the right questions and ensure people see progress. 


Month 4: Creating your online income and growing a presence  - marketing, how to leverage social media, how to find prospective clients, how to build an email list, how to convert people from lead to client. 

Feeling like this one of these might be exactly what you need?

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