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Free virtual monthly meet-up

Once a month, we come together as a community for a free virtual gathering where we discuss how to disentangle our lives from the societal pressure and norms of drinking.


Upcoming call schedule:

Wednesday, October 4th 6:00PM PST

Wednesday, November 8th 6:00PM PStT

Wednesday, December 6th, 6:00PM PST


This is a safe space for anyone who:


  • wants to develop a different or more healthy relationship with alcohol (you don't have to be living an alcohol-free life)

  • has given up or is considering giving up alcohol

  • feels like they have outgrown partying but not sure how to make a change

  • is curious about sobriety

  • wants to connect with conscious, high-vibration community


A non-judgemental container where you can share, connect and ask questions. These meet-ups are inclusive and open to all ages, all genders and all lifestyles. Wherever you currently are at in your journey is perfect - if you have the desire and curiosity around what it means to live your healthiest, happiest life and are ready to explore how drinking and partying affect our ability to create that for ourselves, this is for you!


This is a discussion that comes up often in my business - that I never intentionally focused on or addressed, but it's been a massive piece of the puzzle on my own personal journey when it comes to unlocking my higher self, consistent wellness and inner peace.


When working with my clients and re-vamping their mindset, lifestyle and habits - inevitably, this topic surfaces for most people.


Alcohol lowers your vibration, keeps you stuck in patterns of self-sabotage, makes you broke, depressed, and stagnant.

It is in direct opposition to our goals in my programs of creating empowerment, taking inspired action and building a life and relationship with yourself that feels good.


Yet, society has made it so normalized, that NOT using this poisonous substance regularly or socially seems odd. Kinda interesting, isn't it?


If you want to hear from others about where they are at on this journey, what's working for them, what they are struggling with, and how it feels to take your power back and step outside of this self-destructive lifestyle, join us!


The more the merrier, so invite your friends by sharing this link with anyone who may be interested in checking it out!

Want to join us?

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