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we begin Monday, June 10th 🌹



the ability to choose the direction of one’s own life, and being the exclusive authority over one’s own body and mind.


this potent journey is designed for the woman who is:


🌹 feeling stuck, frustrated, unfulfilled or lost

🌹 craving a deeper level of self-understanding and a more meaningful, loving relationship with yourself

🌹experiencing burn-out and overwhelm

🌹 constantly facing self-doubt and insecurity 

🌹 calling in high-vibe sisterhood & community 

🌹 trapped in patterns of fear & negative thinking

🌹 playing small and living inside your comfort zone

🌹 sick of your own shit and ready to leave behind self-sabotage

🌹 constantly people-pleasing and putting other people’s needs before your own


and she is ready to:


✨ get into sustainable positive momentum toward your soul goals

✨ learn to finally accept and celebrate all of yourself 

✨ experience deep clarity and feel truly empowered

✨ embrace your experience of womanhood  

✨ attract higher quality, richer, more meaningful connections

✨ live an unapologetic, confident, balanced life

✨ discover exactly who you are & what you desire

✨ manifest your wildest dreams

✨ live intentionally, passionately and with purpose

✨ level up, step into your power and reclaim the unlimited joy and abundance available to you 


and how do we accomplish this?

inside ECC we use a simple formula 

to achieve BIG transformation


  1. make the subconscious conscious through intentional exploration & discussion - spend the time really, truly getting to know & love yourself


  2. release old and unhelpful thought patterns, overcome fears & limiting beliefs with powerful mind re-wiring practices and exercises

  3. learn new concepts and ideas with new coaching material weekly, weekly community coaching calls and tons of additional resources

  4. heal the energy body and regulate the nervous system through guided embodiment and integration practices 





JUNE Integrate your Shadow Self (6 weeks)


JULY Reclaim your Eros and Womb Healing (6 weeks)


SEPTEMBER Divine Feminine Archetypes (wild woman, the queen, the lover)


OCTOBER Living Cyclically Self-Care


NOVEMBER Free yourself from fear & ego


DECEMBER Align with your soul purpose

 we have 6 life-changing topics coming down the pipe-line, intentionally chosen to build on each other, designed for the woman who:


❤️‍🔥 is ready to reclaim her inner power


❤️‍🔥 wants to get to know herself and her needs in a more deep & meaningful way


❤️‍🔥 is craving a life that is more authentic and fulfilling


❤️‍🔥 wants to experience the rapid growth & expansion that occurs when you place yourself in community of curious, courageous women who are ready to have honest, genuine and vulnerable conversations


❤️‍🔥 is ready to start living a soul-led life and release the restrictions of ego, societal expectations & people pleasing


❤️‍🔥 wants to gain the ability to think critically, discern more easily & speak your truth more freely


❤️‍🔥 is feeling the call to reconnect to her divine feminine energy



Daily empowerment practices designed to make BIG transformation feel easy & approachable. A simple step by step process that allows you to surrender and feel guided and supported, eliminates overwhelm and makes showing up for yourself consistently simple. 






$666 CAD plus GST for 7 months of access

or $95 CAD per month (savings of $111)




✨ weekly coaching material to your email & daily empowerment practices


✨ weekly live community coaching calls on Zoom


✨ access to our 24/7 community group chat for support and accountability


✨ access to our exclusive ECC app with bonus mindset video trainings and resources not found anywhere else!


✨ 50% off 1:1 coaching sessions


✨ exclusive ECC member discounts and offers as well as priority registration for all retreat & events



$1222 CAD plus GST for 7 months of access

or $175 per month (savings of $333!)


includes everything in the coaching community PLUS unlimited access to:


✨ weekly live Soul Reset energy healing sessions on Zoom

PLUS on-demand Soul Reset library access


✨ weekly live emBODY somatic movement sessions on Zoom

PLUS on-demand emBODY library access


if you're ready to get unstuck and want to finish 2024 feeling more powerful, happy & free than ever - SWS is for you.

join us & get a month FREE! 🎁 

Sovereign Woman Summer (Instagram Post).png
Copy of Sovereign Woman Summer (Instagram Post).png

I'd like to learn more and claim my free 15 min connection & clarity call! 

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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