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Congratulations - you're here! That means you possess the most important quality that we have as humans: CURIOSITY.

The same curiosity that led you here will be the one and only thing that will lead you to true growth, healing and empowerment.

My community is one that prioritizes the cultivation of curiosity. Not just any curiosity -
a special type of loving, patient, compassionate, non-judgmental, infatuated curiosity toward self.

From this place, and only from this place, can we truly expand. When we feel safe and supported, we organically find our way.

We flow. We feel. We know.



Hi! I'm Riley. I help people get unstuck.


Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from UBC

Certified Level One Himalayan Kriya Teacher

Certified Level I and II Usui Reiki Practitioner

ACE Certified Behaviour Change Specialist

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist


I'm a coach and energy healer. 

I specialize in self-love and rebuilding a beautiful, intentional relationship with the most important person in  your life - YOU.

I help my overcome patterns of self-sabotage, unlock their full potential and start living their most authentic, fulfilled, soul-aligned life - right now.


My programs use a combination of modalities, practices and approaches to simultaneously re-wire the mind to a new, more empowered way of thinking and being while also clearing the physical body of stuck and stagnant emotions and energetic blockages.


My 1:1 and group coaching programs provide the structure, accountability and support you need to finally create the shifts you're craving in your life. 


Himalayan Kriya Yoga is special, unique and powerful tool. It's energy yoga that helps us reconnect to our true self, raises your vibration, restores flow of vital life force and purifies us energetically.


It is my intention to create an empowered community of like-minded individuals who value growth, connection and authenticity. 

I help my clients achieve:

  • Mindset makeovers: transform and reprogram our conscious and subconscious patterns of thinking to replace negativity with empowered, productive ways of thinking


  • Wellness breakthroughs: finally achieve the results we deserve by unpacking the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that keep us stuck - ensuring you have a rock-solid mindset and relationship to self so that your nutrition and fitness efforts ALWAYS pay off and you can feel your best long term


  • End self-sabotage: addressing specific behaviour patterns that work against our highest expression of wellness and replacing them with more productive habits so we can live healthier and happier


  • Break free from anxiety: work toward living an anxiety free life from the inside out by getting well-acquainted with your nervous system, recognizing your triggers and learning self-soothing and other anxiety management techniques 


  • More effective emotional regulation: become a pro at identifying, processing and releasing our emotions in healthy ways - take your power back and improve self-control by mastering the skills of emotion management and reduce reactivity, outbursts and conflict in your reality


  • Tapping into passions and unique abilities: get clear on what feels good, what brings us joy and fulfillment, and what lights you up and makes us feel alive (and what doesn't) in order to maximize our day-to-day enjoyment 


  • Become magnetic: invest in becoming energetically self-aware and commit to personal evolution and raising your vibration in order to consistently attract blessings and abundance of all kinds

  • Create the life you deserve: an unintended side-effect of my programs is my clients gaining the clarity and confidence to make big, exciting changes in their lives - moving cities, switching careers, starting their dream business, ending dead-end relationships, and ditching habits that no longer serve them - like drinking. 

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