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The intention of my retreats and local events is to create unique opportunities to bring like-minded people together and to connect with both existing and new clients on a deeper level and to unpack conscious and unconscious beliefs, thought patterns, behaviors and goals in order to shift into a more positive and empowering headspace. The retreats combine relaxing get-aways in beautiful locations with deeply rewarding personal development workshops. The topics covered can vary but are always designed to provide tools and knowledge to help overcome obstacles and work toward the fullest expression of wellness - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. These experiences are an investment in oneself, and are meant to set you up for lasting and holistic success on your journey.

Past retreats: ​

Peace Retreat, Playa Negra, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

November 25-30 2022

March 10-15 2022

REO Yoga Resort, Boston Bar, BC

July 15-17, 2022

August 12-14, 2022

June 4-6 2021​

July 7-9 2021

August 13-15 2021

September 3-5 2021

August 21-23 2020

September 18-20 2020

Past events:

Cultivating Self Love & Self Care Through Nutrition

(with Laura Marricks RHN)

Saturday, August 6 2022 - Toronto ON

The Chakras and Healing your Energy 

Sunday, July 10 2022 - Vancouver, BC 

Unconditional Self-Love

Sunday, June 12 2022 - Calgary AB

Sunday, June 26 2022 - Calgary, AB 


Raise Your Vibration

Sunday, May 15 2022 - Vancouver, BC

Overcoming Self-Sabotage  

Saturday, October 24 2020 - Vancouver, BC

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Sunday, November 29 2020 - Virtual


Want to get started virtually? You can check-out my self-paced personal development, wellness and mindset courses or schedule a complimentary game-plan call to learn more about my 1:1 or group coaching programs!


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