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Love-Bomb: The Workbook

Love-Bomb: The Workbook

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Love-bomb guides you step-by-step along a journey of repairing your relationship with self & learning to truly love and accept yourself! Using my exclusive self-love framework you will unlock a version of yourself that is empowered and confident - which will create a ripple-effect of positive change out into all areas of your life!


50 pages of juicy, potent self-love coaching, yours to keep - forever! The type of resource you'll revisit often & over and over - and be able to drop into deeper levels of self-exploration, self-understanding and self-love each time.


My life finally started to truly transform only AFTER i started focusing on these five things... 👇🏼


❤️‍🩹 Self-worth: the understanding that we innately and naturally deserve amazing things - this worth does not fluctuate and does not vary from human to human. you are born worthy of love, care and attention and this never changes. when we lose sight of our self-worth, we self-sabotage.


🤝🏼 Self-trust: your ability to keep promises to yourself & maintain integrity in your relationship with self. your ability to hear, trust & honour your intuitive knowing. in order to manage your life and live in your potential this connection must be super strong.


🫂 Self-compassion: the quality of the relationship - how kind, gentle, patient and supportive you are toward yourself. we require this in order to be able to grow from a neuroscience perspective! negative self-talk and judging ourselves prevent us from healing and evolving.


🔥 Self-assurance: your confidence and connection to your self-identity. knowing who you are, what you're here to do, and what you're capable of. without self-assurance we are paralyzed by constant self-doubt.


🌹 Self-acceptance: remembering that you are absolutely perfect as you are. there is nothing to change, hide or edit about yourself. you are unique and wonderful and the more you accept this the more life flows with ease.


I created this 5-pillar framework for self-love through my own experience & through working with hundreds of clients - noticing the deficiencies and gaps that so many people have in these areas - and the magic that happens when we focus on strengthening and cultivating these things intentionally! Love-bomb leads you through a step-by-step exploration of each pillar. 


This new digital workbook offers journal prompts, exercise, lessons, affirmations and challenges to help you take your power back and really, truly love yourself. This is life changing work!


Ready to dive-in?

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