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join us Saturday, May 18th - registration now OPEN!

only $33 CAD (& $22 for ECC members!)


this one is for anyone who feels they "need closure"

who feels a piece of them is unsettled, unresolved

who knows deep down, they are harbouring unprocessed emotion

sadness, anger, grief, resentment

who feels weighed down by stagnant energy from a past connection

and wants to finally feel free & like themselves again! ✨


we all know someone who is experiencing this - who is stuck in this state

emotionally, mentally and energetically affected by a past experience

ready to close the chapter and move on but not quite sure how

maybe it's a friend, a loved one - maybe it's you


maybe the break-up was last week

maybe it was decades ago


maybe it was a romantic partnership that ended -

or maybe a friendship that ran it's course


loss is a part of life - and we were never given the tools to process, cope and heal effectively. to release, we must feel. we tend to want to outrun the discomfort.


i did. when i was 21 when my first long-term relationship of 5 years came to a screeching halt. i had to move my stuff out in the middle of the day while my partner was at work because it became clear that he was being dishonest with me - there was a pattern of lying as an attempt to disguise his growing addiction. i knew i was in danger and did what i had to do to protect myself.


but i never gave myself the space to mourn that relationship. over a decade later, i am still tending to that deep wound. for many years i wore the "strong" mask. i came out of the break-up with the "i'm fine" stance and made a subconscious effort for most of my 20s to NEVER give my feelings an opportunity to surface - this led to excess drinking & partying, reckless behaviour, distracting myself with men, eating disorders - i was completely disassociated.


i so wish that at that time, i had something just like this. a chance to be held in ceremony by other women, to speak honestly, to feel deeply and to be honest with myself so that i could have let go of the uncomfortable feelings that were leading me down a path of self-destruction.




each connection we have leaves an imprint on us. each time we feel betrayed or abandoned - it creates a wound. it's so necessary that we love ourselves enough to give ourselves the care we need - so that wound can heal and we can re-enter the world whole and authentic - not wounded, reactive, angry and afraid.


join us to close the chapter, clear the energy, and take. your power back

reclaim the pieces of self that have been left behind

and feel whole again ❤️‍🩹


magic happens when women gather!

register for just $33 CAD✨



10:30AM - 1:30PM


🌹 women's sacred sharing circle


🌹authentic self-expression & truth speaking practice


🌹 grief & sacred rage practices


🌹 exploring gratitude & radical acceptance


🌹 energetic cord-cutting guided meditation 


🌹 various rituals for creating closure & reclaiming your power


🌹 movement & breathwork integration exercises


🌹 self-commitment ritual

i facilitated a virtual inner child healing ceremony inside my online women's community - Empowered Consciousness Collective - and it was POWERFUL. the power of online sacred gathering cannot be underestimated! it is so important that we come together as women and there is something so special about gathering from all parts of the globe.


there is such a need for this type of unique gathering. if there is a woman in your life who would benefit from this type of experience - please share. this is also a beautiful, thoughtful gift for the right woman in your life who is ready to move forward and needs a bit of love and support.

 space is limited -  please let me know if you have any questions!


if you're not able to join live at this time, the ceremony will be recorded and shared with those who register to make this healing as accessible as possible, although it's always most potent when you can receive participate in real time!


with love xx

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