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Self-trust is the integrity within your relationship with yourself - it creates structure and stability in your life. Inevitably & unfortuantely, over the course of our lives, we tend to damage our ability to really, truly trust & rely on ourselves. Do you keep your promises to yourself? Are you tuned into to your intuition - and do you honour it? Inside this workshop we will explore HOW trust gets broken, and WHY it's absolutely essential to repair this bond in order to be able to manage our lives and move closer toward the things we desire and who we truly want to be. Regaining trust takes intention, time, patience and understanding.


How does self-trust get broken?


  • Lack of follow through & not keeping your word to yourself

  • Breaking your own promises / not honouring commitments

  • Self-abandonment and self-sabotage

  • Ignoring red flags and gut feelings

  • Abandoning goals and projects

  • Ignoring your inspiration and purpose

  • Setting bad goals / the wrong goals

  • Being unclear on your unique core values

  • Any interaction or relationships with narcissists, being gas lit



Why is it ESSENTIAL to intentional repair self-trust?


  • Reclaim your decision making capacity, clarity, certainty

  • Free yourself from self-doubt and second guessing

  • Be able to actually achieve your goals

  • Finally exit the self-sabotage cycle and achieve consistent forward momentum

  • Have the ability to build a meaningful reality

  • Live with purpose, passion, confidence

  • To be able to actually create from the soul and share with the world

  • To truly see & honour yourself

  • Be able to rely on yourself and lead yourself in life

  • To be able to move into safe, healthy relationships

I would like access to this workshop replay!

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