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Love-bomb guides you step-by-step along a journey of repairing your relationship with self & learning to truly love and accept yourself! Using my exclusive self-love framework you will unlock a version of yourself that is empowered and confident - which will create a ripple-effect of positive change out into all areas of your life!


50 pages of juicy, potent self-love coaching, yours to keep - forever! The type of resource you'll revisit often & over and over - and be able to drop into deeper levels of self-exploration, self-understanding and self-love each time.


I created a unique and powerful 5-pillar framework for self-love through my own experience & through working with hundreds of clients - noticing the deficiencies and gaps that so many people have in these areas - and the magic that happens when we focus on strengthening and cultivating these things intentionally! Love-bomb leads you through a step-by-step exploration of this framework that has helped hundred of women transform their lives and relationship with self.


This new digital workbook offers journal prompts, exercise, lessons, affirmations and challenges to help you take your power back and really, truly love yourself.


50% OFF - ONLY $33 EACH


All mini-courses are 4 weeks worth of deep-dive self-paced material to explore on your own schedule. All mini-courses offer a variety of written lessons, journal prompts, exercises, challenges and additional resources to explore (videos, articles, meditations etc)


Mini course topics:


- Limiting Belief Detox

- Manifestation and Goal Setting

- Rebuilding Self-Trust

- Balancing your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies

- Overcoming Self-Sabotage

- Radical Self-Acceptance

- Learn to Surrender and Flow with Life

- Unlearn People Pleasing

- Heal your Inner Child

- Discover your Soul Purpose



50% OFF - $55 CAD


what is it?


a step by step process to help you gain crystal clarity into what your absolute most important soul-goal is at this time - your most aligned next step in the journey of embodying your higher self and creating a soul-aligned life! this is a repeatable system for keeping yourself accountable, getting and staying in momentum and breaking down your big goals and dreams into actionable baby-steps


how will it benefit me?


this activation will support you in clearing out overwhelm and fears or mindset obstacles that have been slowing you down as well as an energetic cord cutting practice, to reclaim your power & purpose and activate your desire & ability to create, show up, attract and get out of your comfort zone


 1 SESSION 60 MIN $150 CAD PLUS GST (regular $222) 



If you're feeling ready to explore more deeply, to embark on a more intimate, personalized journey to unlocking your most confident, empowered and authentic self, then i invite you to invest in yourself in this way.


these sessions offer a completely customized experience with the structure, support & accountability you need to really level-up your relationship with self and create ripples of positive change in your life. together we will get crystal clear on your goals and begin to explore and unpack what's keeping you stuck. i will share with you my 5 pillar framework for understanding & cultivating self-love and help you begin to embody your true self. we can also work through any specific obstacles or challenges you are aware of.


how will it benefit me?


we will get you unstuck and free from patterns of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, subconscious fears and negative self-talk. together we can create a more confident way of being, raise your vibration and make you a magnet for new high-vibration friendships, relationships and opportunities. you will feel a sense of inner-peace as you learn to love and accept yourself and a sense of empowerment as you set stronger, healthier boundaries and learn how to speak your truth. you can unlock your full potential and true freedom by spending the time really, truly getting to know yourself and building a life that reflects your unique values and authentic truth. begin living in a way that honours your soul.



1 SESSION $ 77 CAD plus GST

3 SESSION PACKAGE 50% OFF - $166.50 CAD plus GST


what is it?


Himalayan Kriya yoga, a unique and powerful blend of movement, tapping, breathwork and more - I will lead you on a guided journey of energetic purification - allowing you to release suppressed emotion and stuck energy from the body.


how will it benefit me?


I will give you the tools you need to care for yourself energetically and we can work with the specific emotions or experiences that feel sticky in order to create energetic well-being and freedom. After each session you will feel lighter, more grounded and more connected to your true, higher, authentic self.

and last, but certainly not least -



THIS WEEKEND JUST $111 (regular $222)


This is a 90 minute journey that will create clarity and leave you feeling energized, aligned and inspired. Together, we will unpack your unique energetic blueprint taking into account your astrology, human design and numerology and unlock a new level of self-understanding and purpose. We will move through a series of explorative coaching exercises to help you identify your authentic core values and your current unmet meets. You'll leave the session feeling reconnected - with a full heart and soul on fire - with new perspective, new tools and a game-plan for soul-aligned action. You receive a report to keep with your energetic blueprint details.

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