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111 Ways to Raise your Vibration

Energy is everything. Life gets much easier when you begin to understand that every decision you make has an energetic consequence - it either supports you or disempowers you. The goal is simple - do as much as you possibly can of the things that raise your vibration and eliminate or minimize anything and everything that lowers it. Here's a list of 111 quick, easy and very doable ideas to turn to when you're in need of an energetic pick-me-up.

  1. Put your feet on the earth

  2. Take a cold shower

  3. Listen to a song that you love

  4. Connect to gratitude

  5. Go for a walk

  6. Call someone you love and trust

  7. Get into nature

  8. Meditate

  9. Talk to someone who makes you laugh

  10. Do something generous

  11. Dance

  12. Chant "OM"

  13. Use an infrared sauna

  14. Microdose mushrooms

  15. Practice breathwork

  16. Clean or tidy your space

  17. Draw, paint or doodle

  18. Sigh or hum

  19. Log off social media

  20. Brush yourself off physically

  21. Swim in the ocean, a river or a lake (bonus points for naked)

  22. Jump, hop, shake and/or wiggle for 60 seconds

  23. Eat healthy, nutrient dense foods

  24. Seek out like-minded community

  25. Repeat positive affirmations

  26. Write yourself a love letter

  27. Say no when you mean no

  28. Burn sage or palo santo

  29. Tell someone how much you love and appreciate them

  30. Organize or reorganize a space in your home

  31. Get an adult colouring book

  32. Play on the playground

  33. Observe the innocent and carefree energy of a child

  34. Sign up for a new activity

  35. Do something playful

  36. Stop comparing yourself to others

  37. Give yourself a hug

  38. Challenge your comfort zone

  39. Make a list of all the people you appreciate in your life

  40. Compliment a stranger

  41. Unplug / do a technology detox

  42. Read a good book

  43. Stop complaining

  44. Acupuncture, cupping, reflexology

  45. Write a list of things you're proud of yourself for

  46. Forgive someone (maybe yourself)

  47. Smile

  48. Breathe slowly and deeply

  49. Visualize a future that excites you

  50. Use adaptogens

  51. Ask for help when you need it

  52. Plan an adventure

  53. Do an activity that you loved in your childhood

  54. Take yourself on a date

  55. Watch a feel-good movie

  56. Practice energetic cord-cutting

  57. Choose trust over fear

  58. Listen to binaural beats

  59. Go for a scenic drive

  60. Buy fresh flowers for your home

  61. Do a 24-48 hour fast

  62. Find a mentor

  63. Listen to an inspiring, motivational or educational podcast

  64. Take an epsom salt bath

  65. Sing along to a song

  66. Get a blow-out

  67. Apologize when you're wrong

  68. Explore wild, intuitive movement

  69. Release toxic people from your life

  70. Take a day off being productive and responsible

  71. Do something kind - anonymously

  72. Drink cacao

  73. Spend 10 minute stretching

  74. Seek out positive people that energize you

  75. Wake up early and watch the sunrise

  76. Practice yoga

  77. Soak up the sun

  78. Watch an episode of a show you love

  79. Be silly

  80. Eliminate/minimize sugar and junk food

  81. Book a sound healing session

  82. Do 20 jumping jacks

  83. Listen to Solfeggio Healing Frequencies / Miracle Tones (on Spotify or Youtube)

  84. Invest in a reiki session

  85. Spend time with animals

  86. Self pleasure / orgasm

  87. Adjust / strengthen your boundaries

  88. Drink more water

  89. Have a great workout / sweat

  90. Plan a board games night

  91. Use crystals (amethyst, clear quartz, black obsidian)

  92. Try EFT Tapping

  93. Cook a good meal

  94. De-clutter your mind / brain dump journalling

  95. Go to therapy

  96. Buy a happy light / mood light

  97. Essential oils and aromatherapy

  98. Volunteer and/or donate

  99. Attend a circle, ceremony or gathering

  100. Find a fun new DIY project

  101. Imagine receiving a pep-talk from your future self

  102. Garden or care for plants

  103. . Go to a concert (sober is even better!)

  104. Take a break from alcohol

  105. . Create an empowering playlist

  106. . Enjoy a massage

  107. Watch stand-up comedy

  108. . Sleep-in

  109. . Decide to embody lightheartedness

  110. Put on an outfit that makes you feel like a goddess

  111. Slow down

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