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Understanding your Masculine and Feminine Energies

Updated: Feb 26

First things first - masculine and feminine energies have nothing to do with gender. All humans possess both energies, and in a perfect world, we would all be well-balanced and able live from both in full expression.

Next thing - when we consider ourselves as beings, we need to understand that there is more to us than what meets the eye. We tend to be more aware of and better at caring for the physical body - through nutrition, exercise, massage therapy, stretching, skin care, the dentist… the list goes on. 

However, we also have an energy body that is largely neglected in the modern western world. My "Soul Reset" session are your chance to give your energy body a tune-up and some much needed TLC - we use breathwork, tapping, movement, meditation and mantras to clear stuck emotions, stagnant energy and make sure our energy channels and chakras are healthy and happy. 

The physical body is a vessel that houses the energy body, which is made up of energy channels, energy currents, energy centers (the chakra system),  the aura and the soul. Your energy body is responsible for your mental, emotional and energetic well-being. When we don’t have the tools or awareness to manage, regulate and care for the energy body, we begin to collect suppressed emotions and experiences and will find ourselves facing conflict, suffering and disconnection from our true self. 

The energy body (Pranamayakosha) is an incredibly complex concept with layers upon layers to explore and understand - but for the purposes of our conversations this month we will focus on these key terms:

Nadis: energy channels which run throughout the body and converge at the chakras

Chakras: energy centers in the body - although there are 100s of them, there are 7 main chakras referred to in most spiritual practice. These 7 chakras correspond to different aspects of your nervous system and organs and for this reason rule specific emotional experiences. 3 of the chakras represent our masculine energy, 3 represent our feminine energy, and the heart chakra sits in the middle and allows the energies to flow as they should when it is healthy and open.

Aura: your personal energetic atmosphere - an electromagnetic field that changes according to your frequency  - aka the health of your energy body.

Ida nadi: your feminine energy channel. For the sake of this week, we are going to keep it very simple by understanding your ida to be ruled by emotion.

Pingala nadi: your masculine energy channel - your pingala energy is ruled by logic. 

Sushumna nadi: your central energy channel where, with intention, the Ida and Pingala energies can enter and create harmony between them

When are we living primarily from our masculine or feminine energy, and the two have not had the opportunity to merge in the sushumna nadi - we are imbalanced. You cannot live solely from logic, nor solely from emotion. We must evolve and find a delicate, beautiful harmony between the two. 

Living a masculine energy dominant life leads to disconnection of all kinds: from the body, from others, and from ourselves. It creates fatigue, exhaustion, burn-out, emotional unavailability, disassociation, a lack of fulfillment and an inability to enjoy life in it’s full glory. 

A feminine energy dominant life also leads to issues: interpersonal conflict, a lack of motivation and drive, over-thinking, self-sabotage, feeling too sensitive or reactive, isolation, frustration, overwhelm. 

Both roads can lead to anxiety, depression and other deep emotional and energetic issues.

This can also be simplified into understand masculine energy as that of “doing” and feminine of “being”. We need to have the ability to build a rich and fulfilling inner-world, and outer-world - and to know how and when to switch back and forth.

Life is all about balance - and this polarity is even reflected in the brain itself. The left brain is calculated, logic-driven and fact based and the right brain is emotional and creative. They work together to propel us forward in a productive, meaningful way. Life needs both: structure and meaning. 

Masculine energy is typically characterized as being:








Goal oriented

Feminine energy is typically characterized as being:









We all have a tendency to spend more time in one energy or the other. Whether we are more of a masculine dominant or feminine dominant energy creates our “personality” and how we show up in the world. 

We adapt to the energy of our care-takers and model what we observed in our childhood - and through the course of our lives we are subconsciously adjusting our energy to fit in, adapt and get our needs met.

We have manifested our current reality based on our energetic imprint on the world. Your friendships, relationships, career, hobbies etc are all a reflection of you and your energy - and when you decide to refine, balance and heal your energy you will up-level your manifestations accordingly. 

The way we relate to the collective masculine and feminine is also a reflection of our own inner state. If you exist primarily in a state of immature masculine energy, you will attract partners and relationships who polarize you in a wounded feminine and/or vice versa. Often times the things we condemn about “men” or “women” as a whole exist within us, and this needs to be addressed and healed before we can see what else exists. Change starts with energetic accountability! If we are dissatisfied with certain aspects our lives, we need to recognize that we are the yin to a yang - change your side, and the reflection will also evolve. 

Of course, it’s not as simple as being one or the other. Within each energy, there is also a spectrum of characteristics. There are immature masculine traits, and mature ones - and there are wounded feminine traits, and healthy ones. Before we have spent the time getting to know and understand ourselves, it’s likely we show up in an imbalanced manner - not only one the side of masculine or feminine - but it’s common to exist in the immature / wounded energies as well. 

So much personal healing, evolution and expansion comes from harmonizing and refining these energies. When your divine masculine and divine feminine are both cultivated and balanced - you're your most magnetic, whole self.

Want to learn more? Balance your energy and explore an entire module of my coaching on this topic here:

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