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Let's be real - life is wild.

Time flies, schedules are crazy. It feels like there's never enough hours in the day, and we do our best to take care of ourselves. Society teaches us to care for and prioritize our physical body first.  But what about your mind and your energy body? Your energetic well-being entirely determines the quality of your life - and it is commonly neglected. 

Soul Reset Sunday is a virtual community gathering that occurs each and every week from 9:00AM-10:30AM PST live on Zoom. It is designed to help us restore the body, purify the mind, and heal our energy. We come together with the intention of creating the time and space to release tension - emotional, physical, or energetic. In doing so, we return to our happiest, healthiest, most authentic self.


What ARE Soul Reset SESSIONS?

what can i expect?

- 10 minute welcome, music + dance, intro / intention setting 
Each week has a different focus or theme!

- 60 minute Himalayan Kriya Yoga energy healing session
(includes movement, tapping, breathwork, use of mantra, affirmations and mudras)
- 10 minute meditation / savasana
- 10 minute sharing circle discussion

what is the investment?


  • Drop-in

    Valid for 3 months
    • Soul Reset Sessions - Virtual
    • Himalayan Kriya Yoga - In-person
  • 5 Drop-ins

    Valid for 6 months
    • Soul Reset Sessions - Virtual
    • Himalayan Kriya Yoga - In-person
  • HKY Monthly Membership

    Every month
    • Soul Reset Sessions - Virtual
    • Himalayan Kriya Yoga - In-person

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















in-person himalayan kriya 
yoga classes

5:00 - 6:30 PM Thursdays
Starting August 24th, 2023 
House of Now 
536 5th Street, Courtenay BC

HYK in the Park: Cumberland, BC

1:1 soul reset session client testimonial

"First of all, I love the way Riley makes you feel understood and not judged in all that you are going through when you meet with her. She is knowledgeable and incredibly understanding. As a coach myself, I truly admire her authenticity and how comfortable she makes you feel!

I love that Riley decided to start practicing and teaching such a beautiful practice like Himalayan Kriya Yoga. I’m getting shivers in my body even just thinking about my first experience with it. 

My first experience with it has left me feeling like I need it in my life as a permanent routine. Why have we not been doing this sooner? I am someone who has not always been comfortable with how I look or how I move, I came into the session with the intention to let go of those blockages and just fully immerse in the experience, and I did. Highly recommend to anyone who is nervous when doing this virtually for the first time on camera, to turn your camera off so you truly are just alone with yourself and can fully dive in to all it has to offer.

Because I fully dove in and allowed myself into a brand new and different experience, I experienced a full feeling of physically being lighter in my body and my energy centres, I was feeling so stuck and blocked even just before our session. 

Riley showed me how I can move this energy and clear it during our practice. I also experienced a LOT of emotions and tears, feeling them had never felt so good (I am normally a very emotional person but for some reason this just felt like I was finally FULLY feeling them)

A lot of things came up for me, realizations, ideas, emotions and blockages I didn’t even know I was suffering from. It was truly enlightening and astonishing. 

It was truly the most healing experience I’ve ever experienced. And I can’t wait to do it with Riley every week and make it a permanent part of my routine for life. Thank you Riley for sharing this with us!"


Interested in 1:1 sessions or have questions?

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Himalayan Kriya Yoga is the style of Kriya yoga as facilitated and taught by the students of Maha Shiva Yogi: Dr. Pradeep Ullal who is directly guided by Maha Avatar Babaji. Although in essence the same frequency and lineage as other initiated lines of Kriya Yoga, the preparation for the body, mind, emotions and energy of the practitioner is more thorough.


It is energy yoga. It is a purification practice for the physical body, the energy body and the mind. It is a healing experience. It is not a workout, it is a spiritual practice.


Himalayan Kriya is an ancient practice that was only introduced to the general public in recent years as an effort to assist with collective healing during after the global pandemic. This is a "new" healing modality in the West that is only just beginning to find its way into studio. Himalayan Kriya uses breathwork, tapping, mantras, mudras and dynamic movement to remove energetic and emotional blockages in order to raise our vibration, increase flow of life force and connect you back with your truest, most authentic self. Using specific types of heat-generating and cleansing breath, lending from the acupressure points and energy meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and using ancient movements and mantras, we restore ourselves back to our true essence. A factory reset. It helps us shed fear, limiting beliefs and distorted ways of thinking and being by getting into the nervous system and subconscious and clearing us of the mental and karmic patterns and stored emotions that have been holding us hostage. It is efficient, effective, and very powerful. Through this purification practice we dissolve energy blockages that contribute to physical and mental health issues and can unlock new levels of wellness, joy and inner-peace.


It's your opportunity to feel and release the feelings that have been holding you hostage. It's a chance to get out of the head and into the body. It's a time for the body to do what it needs to do to heal itself. It's a space to get weird - to make the sounds, create the movements and express the things that we have been suppressing.


It allows us to empty our energetic container and start fresh. We can offload thoughts and feelings that we no longer need to hang on to, to help us to be less reactive, less susceptible to overwhelm, and less burdened by low-vibration emotional experiences.


We generate heat in the body using movement and breath to burn away the blockages that have been negatively affecting the mind and body, and we the power of intention through affirmations and mantras to release the thought patterns, limiting beliefs and fears that have been holding us back.


Through this energetic cleansing and physical detoxification we are able to reclaim our power and restore ourselves to our truest, most joyful, most aligned self.

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